Jio customers complain a lot about poo quality of the service. However, the Welcome Offer is used by 52 million people and thanks to this field test, Reliance has learned that they have serious performance issue with 8% of their cellular towers. Also, Jio’s users have expired a lot of dropped calls caused by low amount of interconnection points to other operators. Reliance is working on solution of these problems and they want to be very well prepared before they will offer the full paid service. Therefore, Reliance Jio has decided to extend their free services by introducing the Jio Happy New Year Offer.

Jio Happy New Year Offer is going to start on 4th December 2016 and it will be valid almost 4 months till 32st March 2017. Currently, the Reliance Jio has big issue caused by high call drop ratio. The official statement is that these drops are because of low performance of interconnection points from other operators. Therefore, they have decided to extend the Welcome Offer and prove us, that the Reliance Jio 4G LTE only mobile network is really fast and reliable. During this promotion time period, you will able to use Voice, Data, Video Call, SMS and Jio Apps for free. Generally, 5 Jio dedicated applications are included in the Happy New Year offer:

Reliance Jio Welcome Offer will be automatically extended to new promotion on 1st January 2017.

Therefore, iIf you already have the Jio SIM card, then you will not have to buy new one. All of you, who already use the Jio Welcome Offer, will be automatically migrated to new promotion on 1st January 2017, when the current offer will expire. Remember that new Jio customers are not able to join the Welcome Offer any longer. The big difference between these two offers is the daily data limit. Jio Welcome Offer has the 4 GB FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit, but Reliance has noticed that 80% of their customers consume less than 1 GB of data daily. Therefore, they have decided to decrease this 4 GB limit to 1 GB. You may be upset, but these 20% very active users decrease the quality of service for other 80% users. You should also remember that the 1 GB of data per day is still 30 times more than the average data usage in other 4G networks. If you exceed the FUP limit, but you still want to use the Reliance Jio 4G network with full speed, then you can buy one of vouchers for:

  • Rs. 51 – 1 GB of additional data valid per 1 day (i.e. the real 24h to be more precisely),
  • Rs. 301 – 6 GB of additional data valid per 28 days.

Source: Jio Reliance


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