Probably you think that this is another clickbait in the style of those about loosing 20 kg in a week whether the new iPhone for Rs. 500. Nothing could be further from the truth. This story happened a few days ago and it has been overseas in the United States. There, one evening, 17-year-old boy has found a way to use the internet using a prepaid card with no funds. Teenager performed this trick in T-Mobile network thanks to SpeedTest application.

Parents certainly know that there is nothing worse than a bored teenager. Fortunately, Jacob Ajit instead of whiskey from the shoulder of parents picked up the old pre-paid SIM card from T-Mobile network. Bothered him that despite the lack of funds, he had access to the network, namely the phone was displaying a page that allows to add founds to pre-paid card. Then, out of curiosity he began to start various applications installed on his phone that use the Internet connection. As he writes, he was extremely surprised when he made an amazing discovery.

Jacob Ajit
Jacob Ajit – teenager who is known by the whole world thanks to his discovery

SpeedTest application was working despite the lack of funds for the payment of any services.

As if that were not enough, the data were downloaded at a speed of 20 Mbps! At first he thought that something was wrong. However, after a few moments spent on analyzing behavior of SpeedTest application, a teenager came to the conclusion that all the downloaded files have one thing in common. Namely, both the test files and graphics are located under different URLs, but always in “/speedtest” directory (or subdirectory). It turned out that T-Mobile US engineers were a little lazy when defining a rule that will not  charge for the data generated by the SpeedTest app. However, instead of the rule with all the official servers, they decided to simplify it. The next step was the establishment by a teenager site hosting and proxy server with the appropriate address. Thanks to this, Jacob Ajit had free access to the LTE network one of the largest carriers in the country.

John Legere
John Legere – T-Mobile US CEO

The T-Mobile was informed about the problem.

I wonder what is the opinion of T-Mobile CEO (John Legere) about this situation. A year ago, T-Mobile customers have found a way to use the  unlimited mobile internet offer on stationary devices (i.e. the phone operates as the Wi-Fi hot-spot). According to the regulations on T-Mobile, this service has separate data limit. John Legere called all crooks thieves.


Frankly it is good that mobile operators do not charge fees for applications for measuring the speed of the Internet. In the end, it is their customers are testing (for free) their network. Operators should depend on the fact that these speed tests were performed as much as possible, because they know then how good are the services that they provide. So you may want to install our application SpeedTest and use it as often as it is possible 🙂


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