Everybody praise the LTE, specially in TV advertisements. Therefore, most of people buy this as the solution for all problems related with the Internet access. We hear that it is fast and easy to use, so everyone likes it. Maximum throughput achievable in LTE technology looks nice, but what us with this if we can not receipt LTE signal.

Since I am using the mobile Internet I am the gear that the 3G is good enough. Why would you need more? You can check e-mail, Facebook and even browse the WWW websites. I do not want to watch online movies using my smartphone or tablet. Why? Because watching the move on so small screen is not a pleasure for me!

However, what in the case of home Internet? Is the LTE better solution than others? I used LTE in the home, because I did not have the choose. However, these memories are not good. The signal was weak, so it was unstable and throughput was not so good. That may be cool if we have nothing else to choose from.


Of course the main advantage of the mobile internet is that this solution is available in location where you do not have a wired connection. Even, if you are not in the range of LTE network you can still use 2G or 3G. It will be slower, but you will have an internet access. Currently, LTE technology is available in 41 cities in India and trials networks are in the next 16 cities.


Data limit depends on your plan, currently it can be up to 10 GB. What is the maximum throughput? It is hard to find this information, the average throughput is about 20 Mbps, however the peak download speed is about 65 Mbps.