Call drops and coverage of mobile network is very important aspect in India. Our mobile carriers invest in new technologies like 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced, but they have to still work on the basic mobile voice call services via 2G GSM network. During the last year, our mobile operators had improved the reliability of their networks. However, it looks that the call drop issue is also more visible in case of cheap phones. Fortunately, mobile carriers want to solve these issues and they have good strategy for this.

Vodafone claims that the key to success is cooperation. Therefore, they have signed an agreement with BSNL carrier about 2G intra-circle roaming. This means that Vodafone customers will be able to use BSNL 2G towards without any additional charging and vice versa.

Vodafone and BSNL cooperation is win-win situation.

Theoretically, Vodafone is in better situation, because they have 137 000 towers. BSNL has smaller network, i.e. 114 000 base stations. However, tower from both carriers are located in other regions. Vodafone 2G network has very good coverage in urban areas and on the other hand, BSNL provides better 2G signal in rural areas. The similar agreement was signed between these two carriers for 3G network. I think that this is very good strategy. Although, people in India use mainly dual-SIM smartphones, but they prefer to pay only a single carrier. I hope that we will have more this kind of agreements in India and our cellular networks will be more reliable in the feature.