5G networks will first appear only in the largest cities. After some time the operators will start adapting transmitters located near smaller towns for the new technology. Now even no one wants to estimate when 5G will be available all over India. However, there is already a country in Europe that can boast of a 5G national coverage. This is… San Marino.

A year ago we could hear that San Marino will be the first country with 5G. Of course, operators from various countries have done everything in their power to be able to assign themselves to being called the “first 5G network”. However, we are talking here only about test networks and limited commercial solutions for enterprises. In turn, the Italian operator Telecom Italia has much greater ambitions. San Marino was supposed to be the first country to have 100% coverage with a 5G network compliant with the 3GPP specification. And that’s how it happened. Telecom Italia and Nokia have just announce that San Marino already has over 99% of territorial coverage and population of 5G base stations.

The 5G national coverage in San Marino is not too much of a technological feat

San Marino is a small enclave with an area of ​​61.2 km² with 33 thousands residents. In addition, there are regulations that are less restrictive than in Italy, what allow the operator to carry out advanced 5G tests. In addition, covering the whole country did not require too much investment. The nationwide coverage in San Marino is provided by 8 Nokia base stations. Each of them works in the 3500 MHz band, while the part also has antennas and radio modules for the 26 GHz millimeter band. In addition, we deal here with transmitters that support Massive MIMO technology. There is a new data transmission technique that allows simultaneous transmission of dozens of signal streams and dynamic adjustment of antenna beams to the current position of users. Thanks to this, 5G base stations will have a much larger capacity than their counterparts from the LTE-Advanced network.

This is not the end of new products. Nokia will expand its base stations in San Marino with small cell installations. These are special radio modules integrated with antennas, which are characterized by a small range. They will be placed in those places where there is the greatest demand for mobile traffic. In addition to modern base stations, virtualized elements of the backhaul network and radio infrastructure will appear in San Marino. Telecom Italia and Nokia emphasize that it is one of the first this type of network in the world.

Source: Telecom Italia