Have you seen any 360-degree video? This is amazing! Now, you can share with your friends taking a 360-degree photo! This is new Facebook feature which is supported by mobile application and the desktop webpage. The best is that you do not need expensive hardware for this. Your smartphone is good enough!

Since September last year, Facebook promotes films made in 360 degrees technology. However, these solutions are not available for everyone. Therefore, Facebook has decided to promote photos taken with the same technique. Such photographs can be viewed in a Web browser on a computer. Rotation is triggered by dragging the cursor image. You can already test this by yourself e.g. on THIS page. This looks awesome!!!

The 360-degree pictures are clearly market on Facebook with characteristic 360 icon. You will not miss this content.

The only thing which you need in order to take a 360-photo is a smartphone with 360-degree or panoramic camera application. The whole processing part is covered by the Facebook site. In my opinion, this functionality was developed in order to promote Virtual Reality technology. The idea is to give some substitute of VR for people and allow them to share private VR experience with their friends.