Today post is more about science than technique. However maybe in the near feature we will we will have computers from Star Trek or Star Wars thanks to this science!

Probably every one of you knows that informatics, electronics and physics are so rapidly growing areas. I do not have on my mind only IT news and new devices launched on the market. Today I want to discuss about devices which are not yet even available outside laboratories. I believe that quantum computing is the future of electronics and informatics.

Scientists from University of Innsbruck work on quantum computer. They have even presented quantum antenna!!! This device allows exchanging information between two memory cells located in the same chip. They also have created the first quantum byte. What is it? A quantum byte consists of 8 qubits placed in the electromagnetic trap. What is qubit? In the simplest words it is the smallest  and not separable unit of quantum information.

The difference from the classical bit is significantly – qubit can be in any superposition of two quantum states – like everything what is quantum 🙂 However, we need a lot more of these bytes and traps can not store a large amount of ions at the same time controlling them. Therefore quantum antennas are used to transmit information between traps. Scientists from Innsbruck are of the opinion that quantum computers can be build using chips containing several traps with antennas.

However, not only scientists from Innsbruck work on quantum computing. Also team from University of California in Santa Barbara has successes in this area. They have decided to build quantum computer with processor and memory. And they succeeded! They created Von Neumann architecture using quantum structure. However they had to cool down the whole structure almost to zero absolute temperature (-273 degrees on the Celsius scale), because only in this temperature the circuits work as superconductors and we can observe quantum phenomenon. The computer was build with two qubits connected by quantum bus. Each qubit is connected to memory module, so it behaves like RAM.

Nowadays the only commercial device which is based on quantum computing is product fro D-Wave company. I wonder when this technology will be used in personal computers. This will be a huge technological leap. I remember times when we had in our homes Commodore 64 with 1 MHz CPU, 64 kB RAM and 10 kB ROM. Therefore, quantum computer with 2 qubits would be something unthinkable. I hope that I will live to see the time when this technology will be massively used.