I very like mobile messaging from Facebook. It looks that this is also the most popular communicator in the world. Therefore, Facebook can boast staggering number of active users, i.e. 800 million 🙂

In June this year they have crossed the boundary of 700 million of active users. In November 2014, Facebook has announced that they have 500 million monthly active users of Messenger application. So, it looks that popularity of this mobile application grows very fast 🙂

In the post published by David Marcus, the head of messaging products, wrote “It’s a good number, but we believe we have so much more opportunity ahead of us, and these are still the early days of Messenger.“. They also implemented a lot of new features in 2015, e.g. video calls, conversations customization with colors, nicknames, emojis etc.

In my opinion, if you are the Facebook user then you should also install Messenger application on your smartphone. If you have quite good mobile data plan then you will save money sending messaging and photos over the Messenger 🙂