The amount of data increases diametrically. From year to year, we start to use new units. For about 10 years we will describe the amount of data using petabytes. It is unit a thousand times larger than used today terabytes, which seem to be very large. Everything indicates that big data centers will be commonly used very soon. However, from administration point of view, it is known that handling big amount of data is not easy.

Huawei is going to create this kind of Data Center. It is very interesting, because Huawei recently marked its position on the IT market, this step strengthened its. When Nokia slept smartphone era, then Huawei launched on the market several good models. But, backing to the data. It is well known, that in the near feature we will have to process a lot of data in short time. Big Data solution is popular now and nobody will stop it. Huawei presented a product, which according to them, is moving with the times and corresponds to IT market needs in 100%. This solution was named Data Center 3.0. Is is a system for analysis and processing of data. In my opinion, the most interesting thing introduced by Huawei is an application of photon connections. Thus, bandwidth for data transmission will increase and latency will be reduced. Is not it brilliant solution? But, it is not the end of surprises. Huawei assured about high computing power. It will please fans of simulations 🙂 Applied mechanism is simply a heterogeneous architecture. Thanks to connection of spread systems, data will be processed on the larger scale than before. All too good to be true? It is really happening! DC customizes their solutions for the customer. The most important is to create responsive data center, which will evolve with the requirements. It will allow us to maximize benefits given us by the famous (however, underestimated by some) computing cloud. For developing of new Data Center responsible is The Huawei Shannon Laboratory. We probably will soon see how Huawei will win the market and will present their new masterwork.