Brexit is a political topic, but this shocking information has also a big impact on IT market. What happened? British people have decided today in the referendum that they want to exit from the European Union. This is the most shocking today news! 51.89% has voted to leave and 48.11% to remain. The turnout was 71.8%, so 30 million people voted. What does it mean for IT market?

The Brexit event had today a large impact on all worldwide financial markets and currency exchange rates. However, for us, the most important information is that three very important Asian IT companies has started to worry about this situation. Samsung, LG and Acer has headquarters in the United Kingdom. Also, all these three companies have declining sales on European market.

Samsung sold 21% of all European mobile phones in 2013. Currently, this sales shares is much lower, i.e. 12.8%.

This is not official information, but according to The Korea Herald, Samsung is planning to move their London headquarters to another European country. LG Electronics is also losing the market share on European market (from 11.2% in 2013 to 10.3% now). Also, DigTimes reported that Acer claims that they will lose money doe to the Brexit.

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