Do you remember our news about money back for dropped calls? It occurs that currently situation is better, however unfortunately carriers still do not meet required quality benchmarks.

The Union Telecom Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that the call drop issue in Delhi has improved, however quality benchmarks are still not meet:

“Call drops situation has improved between July-October period. I am happy with the improvement but telecom operators still need to work to make their network better.”

The requirement is that no more than 2% of calls can fail or disconnect automatically because of network related faults. The collected data show that dropped calls in Airtel network have improved from 2.92% – 17.7% in August to 0.14% – 2.65% at the end of October. The situation in Idea network looks similar and has been improved from 3.34% – 10.9% to 0.14% – 2.65% in the same period. In case of Vodafone, where the situation were the best we can observe an improvement from 1.53% – 6.63% to 0.3% – 2.97%. The worst situation we could observe in Reliance Communication where call drop ratio has been improved from 1.53% – 24.83% to 0.02% – 5.15%.

In our opinion financial compensation is very good motivator for mobile carriers, because they clearly has improved the worst areas in their networks. We can read that carriers repaired non-functional sites, installed additional mobile towers and improved network design. However, we should remember that the first improvements are always the easiest to achieve (and the cheapest).