At the beginning I thought that the new Chrome 55 does not work on my computer as it should. However, my friends have the same and they use different operating systems. So now I have confidence. Flash on Chrome 55 works on Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems. Chrome 55 comes with the possibility to prefer the HTML5 content, when a site offers material in both technologies. However, as for now, this option is disabled by default.

Everyone became afraid that after updating Chrome to 55 version, they will not able to use their favourite sites with video and cams. For several days, the Internet is abuzz about the imminent end of Flash technology. It turns out that the truth is quite different.

Although Chrome 55 blocks some Flash content, but it was already implemented in the 53 version.

Google Chrome have blocked Flash modules for data collecting run in the background and advertising sine August. Even then there were rumours that Chrome 55 version will block the whole Flash content by default, and only 10 sites will be excluded from this rule. It turns out that a lot had changed, because since Chrome 54 there is an option “Detect and run important Flash content”. In Chrome 53 it was named “Detect and run important plugin content”.

The default behaviour of Chrome has not been changed in 55 version.

This does not change the fact that Google is still working on the final version of the “HTML5 by default” mechanism. This is a clear sign for webmasters that they should start to think about getting rid of this outdated technology from their sites. Even the supposed “big 10” will not be privileged. Google gave up some time ago with the idea of 10 privileged sites, on which Flash would not be blocked. Instead, they are developing Site Engagement mechanism (chrome://site-engagement), which takes into account how often you visit the page. So why all the fuss?

It all started from the information that Google is going to almost definitely get rid of Flash from their browser by the end of this year. They wrote about it in May, and the source is the mail discussion of Chrome developers. Also, a few weeks ago, it was (unofficially) reported that Chrome 55 will block Flash. These rumours were based on the initial reports from May. A few days ago the final version of Chrome 55 was released. Unfortunately, the media began to report about this great breakthrough and editors do not even checked it on their computers how it works.


Source: HTML5 by Default, Google Chrome Releases