You could expect that it will happen. Google has decided that their web browser Chrome will not be longer supported on older operating systems, i.e. OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, Windows XP and suddenly Windows Vista…

This is nothing strange, however this kind of decision will seriously impact on security levels of the operating systems. I remember the case of old PC used in bookkeeping with Windows 98… This computer was used only for two purposes: invoicing and web browsing (unfortunately including online banking). The biggest problem was the choice of safe web browser, therefore Opera was chosen, because this browser the longest supported this prehistoric OS.

How will it look this time? The support for listed operating systems will end in April 2016, therefore our recommendation for you is migration to newer OS before this date. Of course you can also change your browser, however we think that in the near feature also other browsers will end their support for these systems.

Little bit surprising is the fact that Windows Vista is also on this list. We do not know any arguments from Mountain View, however it is obvious that Windows Vista is the least popular (and the most hated) Microsoft‘s OS with the market share lower than 2%. Supporting this system is simply not profitable for the company.