As we know, Facebook has continued from long time to evolve Messenger from a simple messaging application to a comprehensive social networking tool. Recently a new service known from Google Maps, i.e. Live Location, was added to the Messenger app.

This will allow you to share your current location with your friends. Of course everything will work in real time. This feature has been implemented worldwide in Facebook Messenger applications on iOS and Android devices. As always, Windows 10 Mobile users are missing out, but they should get used to it. Fortunately, Facebook occasionally ports its iOS applications to Windows 10, so this feature should also appear on this niche platform.

Facebook Messenger introduces the Live Location feature

The new Facebook Messenger functionality has been announced via the Facebook Newsroom newsletter. The creators claim that Live Location will be considered a useful tool in various situations. Among others, you will be able to coordinate with friends before the meeting, allowing other people to know where and how far away from the meeting place they are. Of course, you can also share your location with your room-mate or family member. Everything so that they would not worry about your nightly return to home. In an interview with Stan Chudnovsky mentioned that one of the most commonly used phrases in a Messenger application is “How far are you?”. After launching Live Location in Facebook Messenger, users will be able to answer this question very precisely.

Live Location in Messenger

Posted by Facebook on 26 मार्च 2017

How to use Live Location in Facebook Messenger

In order to share your location in real time, you will need to click the location icon or drop-down menu and select Location option. The application will then display a map that will show your current position. This makes it easy for us to share your location in real-time with friends or family members by simply touching the blue bar. The app will allow you to share your location with only a single contact or several people at once. It depends on you. In addition, when Live Location feature is turned on, friends who have access to our live location will only be able to track it for 60 minutes. The clock in the bottom right corner of Facebook Messenger will also show us the remaining time. You can also disable Live Location feature at any time by using the “Stop sharing” button.

When you do not know where the meeting takes place…

People who have received real-time location from other users will also be able to see the estimated time of arrival at the destination by the car. Facebook Messenger also allows mobile device owners to share static locations. This will definitely be useful when determining a meeting place. To do this, users will simply have to click the location pin on the map. Many people are concerned that continuous location sharing will have a devastating impact on battery life-time. This is due to the continuous use of GPS and data transmission modules. However, Messenger boss David Marcus said that his team will do their best to minimize the battery usage by the Live Location feature.

Source: Facebook Newsroom