Mark Zuckerberg organizes a Facebook F8 conference every year, which is dedicated for developers. Of course, it is not for Facebook company developers, but for people who want to integrate their applications and services with the most popular social media platform. There was a lot of news, but for ordinary users the most interesting was announcement the integration of Messenger with Spotify and Apple Music services.

None of us like to switch between applications. This is especially annoying when we are talking to someone and we need to use an external app to view the link. That is why Facebook is going to release Messenger Chat Extensions. These extensions which will be used for integration with third-party applications and services. The whole functionality will be based on the development of an interface through which Facebook Messenger will communicate with other services.

Messenger integration with Spotify and Apple Music will make it easier to share music between friends.

Now, as we find some interesting song which we want to share with friends, we have to share it from the music app. Just paste the generated by Spotify link. It seems easy, but you have to switch between programs. New additions will allow you to directly browse Spotify and Apple Music directories from Facebook. In this way we will be able to easily share the found songs with friends. All we need to do is remember the title of the song or the artist name. It should be easy, pleasant and safe. Facebook must take care of the appropriate interface security to use the new extensions. Everything must comply with the streaming service licence terms.

Source: Macworld