IT companies want to be fair and transparent to their users, so even Google publish information about received requests from different organization. They even show us the number and types of requests which come from governments. These all informations are published in Google’s Transparency Report. The data are calculated for 6 months periods and published 2 times per a year.

Roughly, we can observe about 10% increase of requests number compared to the previous period. Google has received 44 943 request from January to June this year and 40 667 requests from July to December last year. However, these requests were related to lower number of users (accounts to be more specific). You can observe here clear 6% drop from 81 311 for the second half of 2015 period to 76 713 for the first half of this year. The good information is that a lot of requests were unreasonable and Google has reacted only on 64% of all requests. It did not change since the previous reporting period.

Google takes care about privacy of their users, but they have to obey the law.

The numbers presented in Google Transparency Report grow from year to year, but you have to remember that the number of Internet users also increases. Every request received by Google is carefully reviewed and they provide only the necessary information. Nothing more and less than it is within the scope of request’s authority. The highest amount of requests, i.e. 79% of them, comes from the United States (14 169 requests). India is on 4th place with result of 3 452 and we are behind Germany (8 788) and France (4 300). We should not be surprised about this, because number of Internet users in India is growing constantly. Recently, we had new mobile data offers and Reliance Jio introduces a lot of confusion and strengthens the competitiveness.


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