OnePlus manufactures amazing smartphones which they call as the flagship-killers. Therefore, people would like to buy hardware from this company for low price. It looks that you will have a great occasion to purchase great OnePlus’s device for very low price thanks to new Diwali Dash sale from this company. They have just announced this promotion on their exclusive Indian on-line store

The Diwali Dash Sale will be run each day between October 24th and 26th at 12 PM, 4 PM and 8 PM. Before you will get any benefits from this occasion, you have to complete the four steps registration which covers: name account registration, mobile phone number verification, shipment address registration and at the end you have to share information about this event at least on of social media platform. When you finish these all four steps, you will have an opportunity to win an “entrance ticket” which entitles you to purchase a one of products for just Rs. 1.

OnePlus has not published any list of products for their Diwali Dash Sale.

Generally, you will get a Mystery Box for Rs. 1, but the content of these boxes depends on your event participation level. Of course, the higher level means that you will be able get better OnePlus’s product. Fortunately you can increase your level by sharing the event site with #OnePlusDiwaliDash hashtag on social media services. You have to remember, that the content of Mystery Box will be showed you after the payment and you will have only three hours to pay Rs. 1. After this time period, the Mystery Box will expire. You can also register your OnePlus smartphone using its IMEI number in order to receive an assured Rs. 250 coupon. There is also a contest with goodie bags to win.