Who did have Windows 95 installed on PC? This operating system has today 20th birthday, so remind ourselves how it used to look like. I bet that most of people who has in 90’s PCs, they had Windows 95 installed. This operating system was easy in use, trouble-free and equipped with the real DOS. It was probably the only Windows for which there was no scandal.

It is well known that Windows 95 was the first OS from Microsoft with were not an extension of MS-DOS, however command line mode was also available. The operating system was 16 bit, it had desktop – improved feature from Win 3.11. The second version of Windows 95 was 32 bit.

The installation process was not easy, because you could not run it from bootable CD. You had to install CD drivers using MSCDEX.EXE. The GUI was quite advanced, specially in comparison with 3.11. It was a revolution! In the premiere day a lot of people wanted to buy it, queue to shops were like for iPhones.

Happy birthday paper confetti sign.

What was else interesting? In OSR1 version you were able to UNINSTALL Internet Explorer application!!! Wit OSR 2.5 version an additional disk with queue to shops was attached. Let’s see other features:

  • multitasking
  • multithreading
  • system register instant of INI files
  • support for long file names (VFAT)
  • new file system FAT32


Why Windows 95 was successful? It is not only because of Microsoft’s marketing. Windows 95 was good operating system, in those years. It was not problematic, so people could work comfortable.

Microsoft ended support for Windows 95 in 2001.