It turns out that not only the United States government has concerns about the impartiality of telecommunications equipment suppliers who come from China. It is no secret for anyone that Huawei and ZTE can not count on contracts for the construction of a 5G network in the USA. Now a similar situation occurred in Australia, where the local government forbade Chinese companies to supply the equipment needed to build the 5G network. The ban is related to concerns about national security.

Authorities of many countries are closely watching the links between Huawei and the Chinese government. The company was founded in 1987 by the former major of the People’s Liberation Army of China. Also, the Chinese government is known for its high control over the IT life of its citizens. That’s why the US Congress fears that Chinese telecommunications companies (Huawei and ZTE) can work with Chinese spy agencies. Therefore, US operators do not have a single LTE base station from China. There is also no cooperation related to the development of 5G technology. However, Chinese companies have so far been able to cooperate with Australian operators. The situation changed today when the decision of the Australian government was announced to ban the supply of equipment needed to build a 5G network by two Chinese companies.

This is not the first case limiting the actions of Huawei in Australia

The Huawei department dealing with telecommunications equipment is not easy. The Chinese always have to take into account that one of the governments will express concerns about national security, which will make it impossible to cooperate with individual operators. Australia has already restricted Huawei’s activities. Already in 2011, a ban was imposed on participating in tenders for national network infrastructure. However, Huawei already provides LTE base stations to several Australian operators. How is the current decision translated?

The authorities assume that they have the tools that allow to ensure an appropriate level of security of currently operating telecommunications systems. I am talking here, among others about solutions that would detect possible espionage attempts. However, the problem arises in the case of new networks, which are much more complicated. As a result, the government is not able to monitor the security of a 5G network built of devices from an untrusted manufacturer. That is why, in line with the principle that it is better to blow on the cold, the Australian authorities have banned operators from using Huawei equipment and ZTE to build new networks. This prohibition does not apply to LTE base stations.

Source: Reuters