During the last year we heard a lot about virtual reality and VR solutions prepared by several companies. However, no one said what kind of hardware will be required in order to enjoy the virtual reality. Fortunately, Valve has prepared the benchmark which will test your computer.

Valve cooperates with HTC in the construction of Vive goggles, so they prepared the benchamk which will tell you if you can buy HTC VR goggles or maybe you should upgrade your personal computer at first. The application is available HERE and it will download about 1.9 GB of data.

SteamVR Performance Test is based on Source 2 engine and uses Aperture Science Robot Repair demo prepared for HTC Vive goggles (you do not this goggles to run the test). The benchmark is designed in the way that it does not drop frames and 90 fps framerate is kept. However, in case of insufficient computing power, the video quality is decreased. When the test is finished, then you will receive one of three ratings: VR Recommended, VR Capable or VR Not Ready. Here you can check some results of Reddit users.