The fight against piracy continues over the world. There is no doubt that the most spectacular event this year was the arrest of the founder of the KickAss Torrents portal. Who used this “library”, knows how the loss of such a portal rebounded on Internet users.

A lot of torrents sites were closed during this year, but KickAss Torrents was the most popular service.

In July this year, Artem Vaulin – creator of KickAss Torrents – was arrested in Poland. However, it turns out that this is not the end of story of this very popular torrent site. KickAss Torrents is almost as popular as The Pirate Bay service. It is not known at first glance, as the service returned to showrooms in full glory, but now it has become quite well.

The lawsuit against KickAss Torrents founder has not begun yet.

Artem Vaulin suffers from a hernia of the spine. This is very serious disease, so the court had decided that the hospitalization is required. Currently, no one knows how this story will end. It is sure that the lawsuit will be very serious. In the mean time, co-workers of Artem Vaulin were not wasting time. They have decided to re-launch KickAss Torrents service. Just after the arrest of Vaulin, they have created forum in order to coordinate actions. It looks that they have succeeded. New KickAss Torrents page looks practically the same as the old one. They have also restored old database of torrents. Unfortunately, servers have small performance issues, because the site sometimes is not able to handle huge traffic.

As happens in today’s networks, we should not forget about closed services.

Networking is probably the only place where the resurrection is possible. It is not the first buried prematurely service I . As you can see, KickAss Torrents is doing well, and you can use it again. This means that the war against piracy is labour-intensive and it really is not possible to eliminate all sites of this type from the Internet.


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