Education is not an easy piece of bread. Especially if someone wants the time spent in the class to be used in a fruitful way. One IT teacher from Ghana, who has recently become the protagonist of the Internet, knows that. The speech is here about the picture, where Owur Kwadwo faithfully recreates the Word editor window on the school board using colored chalk. His passion was appreciated by Microsoft employees and many donors who decided to support the school.

Teaching computer science without a computer to many people may seem ridiculous, but contrary to appearances, this is not a rare situation. A lot of universities in several contries teach programming languages in a similar way. Of course, students also have classes with the use of computers. However, in addition to them, exercises are conducted in smaller groups, on which short pieces of code are written on a piece of paper. This form of classes complements the lecture. However, the situation at the Ghanaian school looks much worse. There, throughout the entire time, students do not have access to the computer. Therefore, Oval Kwadwo faithfully reflects the interface of the Office suite on the school board.

The African department of Microsoft appreciated the passion of a teacher from Ghana

Owura Kwadwo will receive a computer from Microsoft, the opportunity to participate in the MCE program (Microsoft Certified Educator) and access to materials from the website This is not the end of this positive story. Other benefactors who donate laptops and projectors have also contacted the school. Thanks to them, the teacher will be able to better prepare students to work with the computer. In the interview he admitted, despite the carefully prepared and discussed drawings, the students had a problem with using a real computer.

Microsoft Ghana

Source: Neowin