We are all aware of the fact that statistics can be manipulated. Therefore, the popularity of the application should not be determined on the basis of the number of installations or downloads. Therefore, more often the number of active users term is used. As a result, it is known how many people actually were using the application in the last month.

As it turns out, the mobile version of Google Chrome app is used by more than 1 billion users. Of course, this is the combined result from both Android and iOS devices. There is no need to cheat, Google Chrome owes this result thanks to the fact that it is the default browser installed on many smartphones. But I can not deny the facts, Google Chrome is responsible for 32.54% of page visits on mobile devices.

Google Chrome needed two years to overcome the popularity of Android Browser application. About a year ago, Chrome has defeated Safari and became the most popular web-browser for mobile devices.

These data come from the StatCounter service. I often analyze it and I like to share with you my conclusions. But, let’s back to the topic. What else can we learn from the data provided by Google?

  • the browser generates 771 billion page views per month,
  • thanks to autocomplete feature, our thumbs type 500 billion characters every day,
  • data saving feature saves monthly 2 million GB of transferred data,
  • 3.6 billion web pages are translated every month,
  • we use automatically fill option 9.6 billion times monthly,
  • protection system saves our skin 145 million times per month,
  • Google has already allocated a total of 2.5 million dollars of prizes for finders of security errors in Google Chrome application.