Developers from Opera Web browser team provided an early development version of next edition of their web browser. Let us remember, that Opera is one of the most popular web browsers on the browser’s market. So any news from Opera team are introduced as the most desirable.

New version of Opera? It’s Opera Reborn

It would not be surprising, if the developers could provide another set of patches. It’s happened a lot before. However, it appears that Opera Reborn, as the name suggests, it is not only fixes, but totally renewed application. The entire coating of application was written from the beginning.

It isn’t a clone of its predecessor. We don’t know whether, if it’s good or not. Members will evaluate, whether they are satisfied. The engine, however stayed the same. The developers have not changed this. But that did not turn out that Opera Reborn is only cosmetic. The browser has a set of completely new functionalities. The look is just what first catches the eye for every user. There are two interface themes: light and dark. Both look really elegant and inviting. But, I must say this, I am a supporter of dark colours. Of course, the function is a little, but what intrigued me most is the built-in Messenger. The application extends even to the bar. Nobody should complain about this, because most people recently use this.

Opera Reborn have very stable foundations.

Blink and Chromium ensure compliance with any internet site. The best thing, however, is that Opera again begins to walk the path of a market leader. Or so it starts to look like. Opera Reborn is really interesting promising product. I must use this browser more, to assess it. At first glance, it looks very elegant, but I still had enough time to delve into its functionality. There is still a lot to review. That’s what I was able to test so far, it impressed me and I think it might be this really cool product. Especially that Opera has released versions for different platforms. We can download the binaries for Windows, OS X and Linux.

Source: Opera


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