Nokia was once the largest producer of mobile phones in the world. However, the Finns have slept through the era begun by smartphones with touch screens. However, Nokia still remains a significant player on the mobile devices market, which could not work without inventions patented by a Finnish company. That’s why Chinese Oppo, which is entering European markets, has partnered Nokia.

Oppo is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. This brand is not yet popular in India and other countries as well as Xiaomi, but it is slowly changing. The Chinese are boldly entering the borders of their country because they can offer well-made smartphones with decent components at a reasonable price. However, each stick has two ends. Companies that dream about a world-wide career must take into account the necessity of strict compliance with patent law. This in turn means additional costs. That is why Oppo and Xiaomi use Qualcomm chipsets. In addition, they must take care not to destroy the intellectual property of other giants. Among them is also Nokia, which still has the rights to unique solutions of antennas used in smartphones and part of the 3GPP standard describing the operation of the 5G network. Added to this are further inventions reported by the Nokia Bell Labs branch.

Oppo is not the first Chinese smartphone manufacturer that uses Nokia’s patents

Nokia made patent cooperation with Xiaomi last year. However, it was not one-way. The Finns then expressed interest in Chinese solutions for the Internet of Things ecosystem. However, Xiaomi depends on Nokia’s patents regarding telecommunications solutions. In turn, cooperation with Oppo relates most probably to patent licenses for smartphones.

“OPPO is one of the leaders in the smartphone industry, and we are pleased to welcome them as a Nokia licensee. This agreement further validates our global licensing program.” said Maria Varsellona, Nokia Chief Legal Officer and President of Nokia Technologies

The details of the signed contract (including the amount and duration) remain confidential. We only know that the contract is multi-year.

Source: Nokia