Opera is not popular web browser (specially desktop version), but this is the most innovative Internet application which you can use. Recently, they have introduced native ads blocking and VPN features! You cannot find this kind of functionality in competing solutions.

Opera is the second most popular web browsing application among mobile Indian users. It generates 16.43% of page-views from tablets and smartphones in India. However, in case of desktop users, this is only 1.75% of page views.


Opera has just introduced the power saving mode in the desktop version of their web browser application.

This new functionality is available in the development version of Opera. How does it work? The browser will detect that your laptop is unplugged form power source and you will able to enable the power saving mode by just one click. It will also suggest the enabling of this mode when the battery level is low. The power consumption is much lower thanks to:

  • reduced activity of background tabs,
  • much lower CPU usage by JavaScript objects,
  • automated pausing of unused plugins.
  • reduced frame rate of video clips to 30 fps,
  • forced usage of hardware acceleration for video codecs,
  • paused animations of browser themes.

Opera’s engineers have executed several battery life tests. It turns out that the new functionality is able to extend the battery lifetime of your laptop almost twice!