This is nothing new, because for a long time it was talked about using of computing power of PlayStation consoles. Particularly interested in this are physicists who are trying to squeeze the last sweat of their computing stations. Therefore doctor Guarava Khann from  University of Massachusetts Dartmouth built computing cluster consists of 200 PlayStation 3 video consoles.

Who was this idea? Of course, students 🙂 They use video consoles for fun, however it can be used also for something useful. For example, this cluster is used for simulations related to Black Holes.

Why video consoles are better than computers? Because they are cheap, easily available and you can run Linux on it. Also the computing power is very high! They started with 16 consoles in 2007, now they added additional 176 units. So it looks, that the idea works and it is cost effective.

How much powerful is the cluster? The computing power of 200 PS3 is equal to 3000 high class PCs or laptops. The total cost is 75 000 USD and it is about 10 times less than the price of equivalent computing servers. It is very impressive, isn’t it?