The VPN service is intended for people who value their privacy on the web. It allows you to encrypt all browsed content, which also improves the user’s safety. However, it is often paid. However, Pornhub, in the interest of the privacy of its users, decided to make the VPNhub service available for free.

VPN servers are used by Internet users for various purposes. Most often they are used to bypassing geographic blocks that result from local law or licence entries of various services. A good example here is Netflix, which offers its users various films and series depending on which country they come from. The regional versions of this popular VOD website is already quite good, but in the United States it is more extensive. Sexual services do not use this type of locks. However, in some countries access to them is very limited. That’s why VPN servers are quite popular among amateurs of entertainment for adults only.

Pornhub also offers VPNhub in the Premium version

Paid version of VPN from Pornhub costs $12 a month. Thanks to this, the user gains faster data transfer, no ads and a longer list of servers from different locations. However, even the free version is supposed to be fast enough to allow you to watch videos without any problems. After all, this is the main application of the new service.

PornHub VPNhub

The premiere of the VPNhub service took place shortly after the subject of the Digital Economy Act, whose project was adopted last year by the British government, returned. In Great Britain, we are seriously discussing the methods of verifying the age of Internet users who visit pornographic sites. One of the ideas assumes the possibility of the appearance of passes, which will be sold in kiosks on presentation of an identity card. These would be scratch cards that would contain the code. After acquiring such a pass, a British internet user would have to enter a 16-character code on the visited site. If these provisions come into force, Pornhub would have two solutions. The first consists in the implementation of the mechanism required by the British law to verify the age of British Internet users. The second is the imposition of a geographical blockade on British citizens. On the other hand, islanders who will not want to buy “porn passes” will always be able to use the VPN.