People involved in the analysis of Internet traffic know very well that various types of events can have an impact on the increase of the number of visits on individual websites. Recently, analysts of one of the most popular pornography websites could find out about it. An hour and a half crash of YouTube caused that traffic on the Pornhub website grown by 21%.

The breakdowns of large websites tend to be quite strong. If the defect is removed quickly, most people will probably not even know that the service had some problems. However, the recent YouTube crash lasted over an hour, what meant that users began to look for alternative sites with video content. The defect occurred in the evening hours of the East American time, so many Internet users decided to visit the Pornhub. Website administrators not only noticed increased traffic, but also changes in the list of the most popular search terms. In the search engine, “youtube”, “fortnite”, “minecraft”, “game”, “pokemon”, “celebrity”, “twitch”, “overwatch” and “halloween” were much more often than usual.

Pornhub specializes in this type of analysis

Analysts of one of the largest sites with recordings for adults quite often look at the impact of various events on users’ behaviour. For example, the premiere of the new season in Fortnite has translated into a significant increase in searches related to this game.

Pornhub Fortinte

Also, the presentation of this year’s iPhones has significantly influenced the traffic generated from Apple devices.

Pornhub Apple

Source: Pornhub

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