Recently, a lot of users reported problems with the new 364.47 graphic drivers. Nvidia has prepared the 364.51 driver which fixes, but it looks that it did not solve all problems. These new drivers were prepared in order to increase the performance in upcoming games. Unfortunately, these improvements brought more harm than good.

The 364.47 Nvidia drivers were designed to improve the performance in The Division, Ashes of Singularity, Rise of Tomb Raider and Need for Speed. However, it caused a lot of problems with the blue screens, sound, computer startup etc. Some users said that these drivers can damage the GPU, but I did not find any confirmation of this rumor. The 364.51 driver version contains the fix, but it is marked as beta version, because insta-crashes were reported for dual-card SLI setups. Therefore, these drivers will not be downloaded automatically, unless you enable beta updates.

What should you do? The recommendation is to uninstall the faulty drivers using e.g. Display Driver Uninstaller tool. In my opinion, you should keep Nvidia GeForce 362.00 WHQL driver, which is the latest Game Ready version.