How many times have you forgotten to get important file or even a pendrive? Also we often use cloud storage, however these solutions have limited space. However Pushbullet application can help you in such situations. The newest update has very useful new feature.

New functionality is called Remote Files and it allows us to get remote access to our files from other devices from anywhere at any time. In the previous version, application had provided only simple way of file sending, i.e. it required to start file transmission action from the source device (i.e. device with the file). Now, you have to only install an official client and connect the device to the Internet.

New feature will allow you to browse files stored on the source device (e.g. personal computer at home) using any target device (e.g. smartphone with Android). When the file will be selected for transmission no action is required on the source device side 🙂

The application is available in Play Store for free. However free version has two limitations:

  • The amount of transmitted data within a month is limited. The exact value is not known, because currently this service is unlimited.
  • Maximally 25 MB files will be allowed to transmit by free users. Pro users will be allowed to send up to 1 GB files.

In our opinion this application is very useful and provides great functionalities in free version. 25 MB is enough to send important text documents and event presentations.