We know a lot about upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 series smartphones. Shrotly, it will cost about 10% less than S6 version, but it will be more powerful. Frankly, no “killing feature” has not been announced. However in case of iPhones, we had similar situation.

I remember, that people were saying that iPhone 6 is the bigger version of iPhone 5s. They even did not noticed, that new generation CPU is used (A8 instead of A7), because it is only 100 MHz faster. However, this did not prevent Apple in obtaining another success in sales. Will we have the same situation in case of new Samsung Galaxy smartphones?

We know so much about upcoming smartphones, that people decided to prepare visualizations of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models, basing on all available information and and their own conjectures. I have to admit that it looks very professional 🙂