Who is willing to see what they are doing and where are his friends? Now it will be much easier to verify with the latest Snapchat functionality.

Snapchat developers have given users a new feature. Thanks to it, we are able to see what’s happening in our area. We also see where are our friends on the shared map. This kind of feature can help us keep track of the nearby events we are interested in. What do you need to do to open the map? To get to the map, named by the creators of the Snap Map, you need to perform the image reduction gesture. Thanks to this, our screen will show a map showing our area along with publicly marked public announcements made available by other users from current events.

Climb to the very top of the popularity of the Snapchat community

Fame is a power in today’s world. So why not use it? With this new option we will be able to climb to the top and promote our own party. To do this, we will need comments under the Snaps. The more comments about a particular event, the hotter the Snapchat party will be. This news will surely appeal to those wishing to go out for a party in the evening. If you are not determined where you can go, just run Snap Map, and with the ability to scale and rotate the map we can see where it is definitely worth to have fun. Of course, user will be able to see what is going on around the world.

Checking for possible events in the area is not the only use of the Snap Map. With the shared map, we can see what our friends are doing right now, where our boyfriend / girlfriend is, and why they are not answering the phone. The decision to share a location is made by the user himself. What’s more, due to the safety of this option we will be able to choose who from our friends will be able to see our activities.

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