Torrents are very popular among Internet users. A lot of people download movies, books and applications using this the most popular peer-2-peer protocol. Of course BitTorrent is used also to distribute legal content, e.g. Linux distributions. However, we all know what the true is.

The most popular torrent services are The Pirate Bay i KickAss Torrents.


The Pirate Bay was blocked several times in the past. However, they always rise to the surface. This time the problem has KickAss Torrents service, because its owner Attorney General was today arrested. He was detained today at one of the European airports in Poland. A while after this, Attorney General has been extradited to the United States of America. He will most likely be charged about distribution of copyright materials. This content is worth at the moment about $1 billion.

KickAss was the most popular of this type of service content over the world.

This site was visited by 50 million users monthly. Thanks to these visits, KickAss Torrent was ranked at 69 position in the ranking of the most popular sites in the world. The profit from advertising is estimated at about $22 million yearly.

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