I thought that I will now write more about Windows 10. It was big boom, people was happy because of (free) update, they tested Edge, it is time for next topic. However, Windows 10 will be hot topic for some time.

A lot of users did not expected from new Windows too much. However, people from IT know that Windows 10 suffers from problems of childhood. We know that it does not work as it should and we can expect a lot of patches and updates. However, the good news are that Microsoft provides patches for Windows 10 very quick.

We all know that patches are normal in software development process. It is nothing unusually. Generally it is not worth to write about single patch. Week ago the first patch for Windows 10 was available, now is turn for the second. However a lot of users had issues with the previous patch, because it caused unexpected system reboot. A lot of users wrote that after patch uninstall, the problem disappeared. This is more strange because of the fact that it was security patch.

The new patch is numbered as KB3081436, however as always we can not find an information what it fixes. However, rumors say that the fix is related with Edge and Explorer.