Drones are very popular topic. They are very useful toys that in the hands of the right people are irreplaceable. A year has passed since Amazon suggested the application of drones as couriers. They were supposed to help deliver parcels in difficult spots to the door. While the courier company UPS has decided to modify this idea and use the drone as a courier assistant. Their drones has already been tested and presented.

Drone as accessory of UPS courier car

UPS will use drones as one of the pieces of equipment of courier van. What’s better, it will find itself on the roof of the car, where it will have its docking station, i.e. a landing. It will be also possible to charge the device. The principle itself is simple. Courier goes to the indicated address, mounts s package in the arms of drone and drone alone delivers the shipment to the customer’s door. The method simple and effective, but only in certain situations. At the end, it will not effective to use drones for every delivery, because the whole handling process would take more time than the standard application of package to hands.

UPS wants to become the best company in the market. They want to weld together the work of people and machines. As a result, in case of optimum conditions it will be possible to deliver two packs at a time in which is required for delivery of one by courier. Moreover, where the streets are too narrow for cars or gate is closed, the courier will be able to deliver a package using the drone. Until now, courier companies like Amazon thought about the use of drones on the delivery of small packages. However, there is a chance that this may change when the service carried by UPS will prove its reliability.

How good is the drone from UPS?

UPS vans will be equipped with Horsefly UAV drones that can fly alone without a pilot. A single charge is able to provide enough power for up to 30 minutes of flight. Of course, UPS depends on the rapid delivery of packages, so elected drones will move at speeds up to 70 km/h and will be able to transport a parcel weighing up to 4.5 kilograms. The drone has very advanced protection mechanisms. If it somehow loses one of the propellers, it will be able to somehow finish the flight. Nevertheless, the loss of the two propellers in flight will not ground drone immediately. It will be able to calmly and safely land with the consignment.

Presentation horsefly UAV drone was not exactly a success

The presentation, which conducted a UPS with their drone on Monday was a very important point in the development of the company. Once everything went according to plan, and the success was already in the pocket of the team, then something went wrong. Of course, viewers and journalists gave consent to repeat the test, since it is known – the first tests are always difficult. Unfortunately, as it turned out, a drone refused to obey completely, and instead of soaring into the air, it decided to land on the roof of the car with a small failure, resulting in the collapse of the device.

Source: The Register


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