Well, history repeats itself again. This is sad story for all Internet users, because they could not communicate today with friends and loves who live or visit Brazil. The official statement is that Facebook has rejected to share data which are relevant for crime investigation. However, this blockade has been removed after few hours.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp is used not only by normal people but also a lot of criminals use this.

Brasil judge has requested Facebook about data which are important for ongoing crime investigation. I suppose that they wanted to check text and voice messages related to the case. However, WhatsApp is encrypted instant messaging application, so Facebook does not know what you are writing, telling and recording. The unencrypted message is stored only on sender and receiver smartphones. This statement was published by Jan Koum (WhatsApp CEO and co-founder) on his Facebook wall:

We're working to get WhatsApp back online in Brazil. It's shocking that
less  than two months after Brazilian people and lawmakers loudly rejected
blocks of services like WhatsApp, history is repeating itself. As before,
millions of people are cut off from friends, loved ones, customers, and
colleagues today, simply because we are being asked for information we
don't have.
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