Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is WiFi from Microsoft! In my opinion the only good product from Microsoft is Azure. It is very powerful and well designed cloud solution. Windows 10 promises to be good and revolutionary OS, but we will see how it goes. However, the information that Microsoft want to build worldwide network of WiFi hotspots is very surprising for me. We all know that this company has serious security issues and their products have a lot of bugs.
How will it look? Do not forget that it is solution from M$, so you will have to pay for it. It will be similar to Skype WiFi, but Microsoft wants to do it on much larger scale. They plan to launch this solution in 130 countries using tens of millions of hotspots. It sounds very interesting. Let’s image that you are on abroad and you have Internet access! This is not a new idea, I wonder if the Microsoft’s solution will be successful. In my opinion this is a matter of good business plan.

How will it look from technical point of view? I think that it will be based on Radius,  so you will able to use your ID Microsoft and password which you use for cloud solution in Windows 10. I bet that Windows 10 users will not have to put any password etc., because this solution will be fully integrated with the newest OS from Redmond company. This also applies to mobile devices 🙂

Unfortunately, we do not know when Microsoft plans to launch this new product. Also detailed technical information are no known.