Xiaomi produces very cheap, but also good smartphones. Their products are certainly not associated with cheap imitations from China. Xiaomi worked long enough to build good opinion about their brand. Mobiles from this company are very popular in our country. In my opinion, India is for this Chinese manufacturer, one of the main outlets.

Flagship smartphones from Xiaomi are very similar to its competitors from Samsung, LG, Huawei and others. For an example, the Mi 5 mode has practically the same components as the Samsung Galaxy S7, but it is much cheaper. The only noticeable difference is the lack of waterproofing of Xiaomi handsets. However, according to the head of Xiaomi, this is unnecessary addition. Studies show that consumers would not pay 20% more for the phone, only that it would be waterproof.

Interestingly, Xiaomi does not make money on their smartphones.

Sales results of this company are very good. Only in India, Xiaomi has sold more than 2 million phones in the last quarter. This result is 150% better than a year ago. However, despite this, Xiaomi has not earned on that too much money. The truth is that the company does not need to make money on mobile market. Hugo Barra said that his company can successfully produce phones and sell them on the verge of profitability. So, the income from the sale of would be enough to cover all costs of production, marketing, salaries of employees, etc.

Xiaomi is now building its brand, and wants to make money on the sale of other devices.

In my opinion, this big manufacturer from China wants to be the same as Apple. Xiaomi wants to build its ecosystem of products from different areas of our lives. You can see it in our country. For an example, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is a product, which the company has high hopes. Likewise, in China, they sell equipment for water purification, or rice cooking. From other products, this China company manufacturers also ultrabooks and Smart TVs. To this were not enough, the Xiaomi is also working intensively on the development of their own software, i.e. Miu. Already, ultrabooks from Xiaomi can be unlocked using their fitness wristbands, i.e. Mi Band. Does it look familiar to you?


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