Does Vladimir Putin have a problem with officials playing a Pokemon Go game during working hours? Or is it a campaign of Moscow taxi against Uber drivers? It is hard to speculate, but one thing is certain. From some time all application based on the GPS signal do not work properly in the vicinity of the Moscow Kremlin. This is very interesting that all GPS receivers show the coordinates of the Moscow Vnukovo airport, which is 29 kilometers away.

The reports come mainly from Pokemon Go players who have a problem in finding and catching Nintendo creatures around the Kremlin. Also, a lot of complaints come from the Uber app users, because they can not use the uberPOOL functionality and book travel on the basis of their position. Problems were reported by the participants of this year’s Moscow Marathon, because they could not share on Facebook the results from Endomondo. One of the marathoners saw that his training application has recorded a track which was 40 kilometers longer than it was in the reality.

Problems with the GPS began in June, but the authorities do not know anything about it.

Grigory Bakunov – developer of the Yandex company (one of the largest Russian IT companies) – considers that the authorities intentionally interfere with the GPS signal in the area of the Kremlin. He suspects that the whole action is to prevent flying drones in this region. This would make sense, because the GPS signal suggests that the drone is in the vicinity of the airport, where it can not fly. While Dmitry Peskov – spokesman for President Vladimir Putin – claims that they do not know the cause of malfunction of the GPS system. Interestingly, He recently experienced this problem firsthand while driving. I wonder if we ever know the real cause of the problem. Does that not surprise me if after all the publicity the case, the GPS system would work flawlessly across Moscow.


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