HBO had many problems this year with the leak of the unreleased episodes of the “Game of Thrones” TV series. One of the most devastating was the hacking of the company network, which resulted in leak of 1.5 TB data. The whole action took place in July this year, just after the first episodes of the new season have been released. Now it turns out that the famous attack was performed by a single hacker who has been just accused.

The US prosecutor has just filed an indictment against an Iranian citizen who stole 1.5 TB of HBO data and demanded a $6 million ransom in BitCoin. The accused is 29-year-old Behzad Mesri. The FBI is already seeking him. HBO alone offered the hacker 250,000 dollars in exchange for postponing payment of the ransom. This was a special tactical move to delay the potential release of data belonging to the station. Behzad Mesri did not respond to the station proposal.

Hacking campaign against HBO network began in May.

Mesri began his hacking campaign against HBO two months before the final stealing of all data. The exact methods used during the attack are not known. However, hacker managed to find a security hole on the HBO network and gain access to the accounts of several station employees. Thanks to that, he was able to get access to the servers with unreleased episodes of HBO TV series and “Game of Thrones” scripts.

Behzad Mesri FBI

Behzad Mesri most likely belongs to the Turk Black Hat group, and his nickname is Skote Vahshat. This is not the first offense of an Iranian hacker. He is also accused of computer fraud, network hacking and identity theft. Behzad Mesri has not yet been caught by the authorities, but being pursued by the FBI will prevent him from travelling freely outside Iran.

Source: ESET