Do you have problem remembering all PIN to your payment cards? If you do, then MasterCard has a great solution for you. They have decided to implement advanced face recognition algorithms in order to allow to identify you on the basis of your selfie. Does this sound ridiculous?

To be honest, this may be quite great feature. The idea is to provide an additional protection of payments by your credit card, e.g. during foreign trip. How does it work? At first, you have to download MasterCard’s Identity Check application on your smartphone and take a selfie. This photo will be stored in the system and used for your authentication. However, it cannot be cheated in a simple way, because the application will perform liveness test, i.e. the app will ask you to blink. However it is not all. MasterCard works also on solutions which use the fingerprint and the heart rhythm for authentication. It looks very promising, because 86 percent of pilot users said that they could use selfie pay or another biometric authentication solution every day instead of traditional PIN.

Selfie pay will be launched in dozen countries, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark. I wonder when this solution will be available in India.

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