Malware is a malicious software, i.e. applications which are harmful for users. In most cases they do not crash your operating system or computer, but steal your data. I have to admit that today a lot of malware software is present in the network and it is hard to avoid this. You can install this as 3rd party “tool” together with the newest game or your favorite multimedia program.

Recently, employees of Kaspersky Lab identified new family of multi-platform malicious software called Mokes and Ekoms. Why does this malware have two names? As for me, this is the most interesting part of this new. It occurs, that as the first, the Linux version, i.e. Ekoms, of this malware was discovered. After two weeks, the malware called Mokes, which is very similar to Ekoms (almost identical), was identified as Windows version of Ekoms. Now, security engineers wonder if there is also a version for OS X.

However, for us, the most important is what these malware software does. Unfortunately, Mokes (Ekoms) can seriously jeopardize our privacy and even expose us to financial losses. This malware has three main “features”:

  • capturing of keyboard characters,
  • making screenshots (every 30 seconds),
  • spying using cameras and microphones (this functionality is not enabled in Linux version).

These all captured data are uploaded to cyber criminals servers using encrypted connection. As you can image, the offender can steal all your password, check your online activity and collect embarrassing photos and video. After this, the criminal can blackmail you and put these shameful materials on your Facebook wall.

If you are interested in the details concerning the principle of operation of Mokes and Ekoms then you can rest THIS and THIS sites.