Interesting story happened in Australia. It turned out that the Australian carrier Vodafone, among others looked unauthorized manner SMS of journalist Natalie O’Brien, who is their customer. Spice up the whole history gives the fact that in 2011 Ms. Natalie O’Brien has published a series of articles about the shortcomings of Vodafone concerning the safety of CRM system (Customer Relationship Management).

Assumptions are that the carrier wanted to find out who is the source of a journalist and thereby find a disloyal employee. From the official statement of the company we can deduce that guilty of everything is their former employee. But how can we protect ourselves against dishonest employees of telecom companies?スマートフォンと問い合わせのサイン

We know that your privacy is very important telecommunications companies. However, anyone who has read the book by Kevin MitnickThe Art of Deception“, knows that the weakest part of any security procedure is a man. Therefore, the only reasonable protection method of our messages is their encrypt before sending.

Unfortunately, the SMS protocol is not safe in this aspect. Therefore, we have to use 3rd party tools that send a message using packet data. For example, users of iOS devices can use iMessage application. It encrypts all messages sent by you, so the carrier can not read them. Of course, Android users are not injured and they can use the TextSecure application. This program was developed by developers of OpenWhisper group. But what to do if you want to send encrypted messages between Android and iOS devices? Fortunately, the OpenWhisper developers prepared Signal application for iOS devices 🙂

Niestety, protokół SMS nie jest pod tym kątem bezpieczny. Dlatego też musimy w tym celu korzystać z dodatkowych narzędzi, które tak naprawdę wysyłają wiadomości za pomocą danych pakietowych. Przykładowo użytkownicy urządzeń z systemem iOS mają do dyspozycji aplikację iMessage. Szyfruje ona wszystkie wysyłane przez Was wiadomości, zatem operator nie może ich podejrzeć. Oczywiście użytkownicy Androida nie są tutaj poszkodowani i mogą skorzystać z aplikacji TextSecure. Program ten został opracowany przez deweloperów grupy OpenWhisper. Jednak co zrobić jeżeli chcemy wysłać zaszyfrowaną wiadomość pomiędzy urządzeniami z Androidem i iOSem? Na szczęście deweloperzy OpenWhisper przygotowali na urządzenia aplikację Signal 🙂

An interesting solution was also introduced by Samsung company. It is called KNOX and provides encryption using the built-in phone chip. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this solution is that encrypted messages can only be sent between devices supporting KNOX.

smartphone security

It is true that if you use one of the above solutions then your messages will be encrypted and the carrier will not be able to read them. However, without much of a problem it will be possible to determine with whom and how much you write. Your messages can be also stored in the cloud and on your device in unencrypted form.

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