Perhaps you are surprised, but I am a big fan of all quantum theories. Since I can remember, quantum physics was my interest, so consequently encryption and quantum computers. Recently, I have found very interesting information that some time ago, researchers from the University of Rochester demonstrated transmission of perfectly protected information with the single use encryption hey which was much shorter than the transmitted message.

Of course, the solution to this problem is extremely interesting, because quantum data locking solution was used to achieve this. It is known that the stream of photons has many attributes. Physicists have long been studying them and describe. Some of these include the wavelength or resolution. It is thanks to these characteristics it is possible to encrypt the selected message. Scientists from Rochester under the direction of Daniel Lloyd Luma have implemented the concept of using a special modulator called SLM (Spatial Light Modulator) which is able to change the characteristics of individual photons. The most interesting in all this is that it was used to my beloved physical principle, i.e. the Heisenberg uncertainty. If any of you have not heard this brilliant principle, let me briefly explain this. It shows that when we are studying a system, we are never able to know its true physical properties, because we have already influenced on its properties. I have to admit that the application of this kind of encryption is just brilliant. This approach allows us to generate encryption key so random that it is enough to use very short key in order to encrypt long message and to make it unbreakable. A single bit of the encryption key is able to encrypt six bits of information.