Not everyone knows that Andy Rubin is a man who has revolutionized the IT world lately.No one seems to associate Rubin with the fact that he is the creator of the most popular mobile system in the world, Google Android. What would not be able to say about this Android system, it has to be admitted that it has permanently grown into the IT world some time ago.

It is interesting that this man takes another project and this time this is related to hardware sector. For that moment, this man without Google’s supervision, is working on a new phone. Is it hard for you to believe this? Do not worry! Me too. Not such things have happened on the mobile market earlier.

Andy Rubin is the former president of both Danger Inc.

As well as Android Inc. After the second company took over Google in 2005, Rubin assumed the post of senior vice president of mobile in the company. He kept custody of the Android system until 2013. It was then that the Android system was the most popular on the market.

Andy Rubin’s new project is called Essential Phone.

It is so frustrating that you do not even imagine it. Essential worked on a smartphone whose display has no frames and which has rounded corners. Like nothing new. Everyone has recently had a rash on such a project. By the way, I do not wonder. Current smartphones are irritatingly ugly. Rubin’s design also has a casing, which consists of metal sides and ceramic back. It is also interesting that Essential Phone is expected to have 360 degree camera. Of course, the smartphone is supposed to run under Android, but this is obvious.

Android Essential Phone