BlackBerry phones are very popular among businessmen, mainly because of a physical keyboard and customized applications. However, their operating system did not survive the test of time and lost to Android and iOS devices. Therefore, the company decided to release its smartphone with Android on board, it was a BlackBerry Priv. This is a very good phone, but too expensive. People prefer to buy for the same amount money a proven product from Samsung or Apple. Perhaps BlackBerry Mercury will have more luck.

Another smartphone with the logo of BlackBerry and Android BlackBerry is Mercury. The device itself will be manufactured by a Chinese company TCL, and the BlackBerry will be responsible for software, marketing and distribution. In fact, this device will fill a gap in the market, because we do not have smartphones with physical keyboards. BlackBerry Mercury is going to be presented at this year’s MWC trade shows. Currently we do not know too much about this smartphone too much. It will have metal casing with a textured back, programmable button (you can choice the function) and a 3.5 mm jack audio interface.

The most important feature of the BlackBerry Mercury is obviously a physical QWERTY keyboard.

It is virtually the hallmarks of this company. However, unlike BalckBerry Priv, Mercury will not have a sliding keyboard. We will have always access to a keyboard, but the screen will be smaller than in the previous BlackBerry mobile. The display of the new smartphone has a diagonal of 4.5 inches. However, its dimensions are similar device with a little larger screen. Interestingly, the keyboard has a hidden (in the space key) fingerprint reader. As if that were not enough, the entire keyboard can act as a touchpad. I am curious how it will work in practice.

BlackBerry Mercury

BlackBerry Mercury has USB Type-C interface, which will be able to be also used for rapid charging. All indications are that this phone will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset that supports Quick Charge 3.0. So far it is not known how large the battery is inside and how long operation times on a single charge are expected. But here I would not expect any sensation. When it comes to RAM, it will be at least 3 GB. Going back to the same display, it has a resolution of 1080 x 1680 pixels. This is slightly less than in case of Priv model, because its 5-inch screen has 2K resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.

The new smartphone with a physical keyboard will be controlled by Android 7.0 Nougat. BlackBerry’s engineers will also take care of the preparation of the monthly security patches from Google. From what could be seen at CES, the manufacturer did not modify too much the operating system. The interface is very similar to what we have seen already in the previous smartphone from this company.