People complain about poor durability of new smartphones. It looks that we would like to buy indestructible devices. However, after the fiasco with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, people have started to wonder if new smartphone do not harm them. Therefore, there will be new Chinese on the market called Elephone S7 and it is very similar to Samsung Galaxy S7. It looks the same, but Elephone S7 has triple protection against explosions.

Are you surprised? I know that we all used to the fact that mobile manufactures compete with each other by introducing new features like high resolution camera or better screen protection. However, the explosion protection are something new. Elephone S7 offers complete tested battery, an explosion-proof membrane and TPU shell.


Elephone S7 is available only in China.

The smartphone will be sold exclusively in Chine, because it looks exactly the same as Samsung Galaxy S7. I wonder how popular it will be, because this is very cheap smartphone. The basic variant with 2 GB of RAM and MediaTek Helio X20 processor costs about Rs. 9 350 ($139.99). I wonder if Elephone company decide to create a clone of Galaxy Note 7 with anti-explosion properties. People are also joking that Samsung should implement an explosion-proof membrane in upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone…

Elephone S7
The Elephone S7 looks exactly the same as Samsung Galxy S7
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