Windows 10 Mobile was supposed to be a salvation for the Microsoft mobile department. However, it was not a successful project. That’s why the giant from Redmond decided to bury its mobile operating system and announced the end date of support. The last updates will come on December 10, 2019.

Microsoft had a very beautiful vision of the world, in which the same operating system is available on both personal computers and smartphones. That was supposed to be Windows 10. It was even said about running desktop applications on mobile devices. However, users of Windows 10 Mobile have faced many problems from the very beginning. Most developers assumed that it is not profitable for them to transfer their applications to the Microsoft platform. Therefore, this system has not been accepted among the smartphone manufacturers. All this meant that Microsoft itself decided to disconnect Windows 10 Mobile from the ventilator.

Windows 10 Mobile users should migrate to Android or iOS

This is advice from the official Microsoft FAQ. The giant from Redmond has already ceased to wrap in the bush and directly advised its users to change to one of the two major mobile operating systems. After December 10, 2019, some services related to the Microsoft cloud will stop working. For example, users will not be able to save backups to it. Other services can also be turned off. It is possible that even the most ardent developers will also stop updating their applications. If for some reasons you still use Windows 10 Mobile, then you have several months to choose a new smartphone.

The above information applies to Windows 10 Mobile version 1709, while support for version 1703 (Lumia 640 and 640 XL) will end on June 10, 2019.

Source: Microsoft, Softpedia