Every day we are interested in new products on the smartphone market. However, not everyone needs modern devices that are increasingly replacing computers. Some people need a simple telephone, which is mainly used for calling, sending text messages and has… a durable battery. As it turns out, the sale of simple feature phones like Nokia 3310 has been increasing for several quarters.

We may not see this, but the smartphone market is in crisis. Data collected by Counterpoint show that sales of mobile devices are decreasing. At least the number of smartphones imported via sales networks is dropping. This situation has been maintained for a year. In turn, the market of cheap and simple mobile phones (the so-called feature phones) is getting better. The largest increase in sales was observed in the first quarter of 2018. It looks like the return of classic Nokia 3310 has revived this market.

Feature phones vs smartphones

HMD Global is one of the largest players on the market of feature mobile phones

The data show that the feature phone market belongs to HMD Global (producer of Nokia phones) and to the iTel. Indian Jio, which is also a mobile network operator and producer of Jio Phone, also has a lot to say.

Feature Phone market share

In sum, this data should not surprise anyone. In the end India is the largest market for feature phones. Practically the same number of devices is also sold in Africa.

Feature Phone market share by region

Europeans can treat phones like Nokia 3310 as a curiosity and buy them as a backup phone. However, the inhabitants of Africa and India have a completely different approach to this topic. And it’s not just about price. Classic mobile phones are also characterized by long battery lifetime. In countries where access to electricity is difficult, this is an undoubted advantage. We must also remember about people who just do not like touch screens. Modern and yet classic, mobile phones differ from their predecessors from the splendor of the GSM network. Now they have 4G LTE modems and the most important applications (including WhatsApp, Facebook and Google Maps). That’s why not everyone who wants to use modern communication methods has to change to a smartphone. Such Nokia 3310, or Jio Phone, may be enough.

Source: Counterpoint